27 February 2020,   10:48
Government plan to fight against Asian stink bug - MPs will meet representatives of Food Safety Agency

What action the government has planned to fight against Asian stink bug - MPs will discuss the issue with the Food Safety Agency representatives today.

The legislators hope that 2018 will be more effective in combating insects because the government is prepared for this problem this year.

"We will visit the Regional Headquarters of West Georgia, which is organizing events against Asian stink bug. . The Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection are better prepared this year and I think that this year should be much better, "- said Otar Danelia, Chairman of the Committee on Agrarian Issues.

However, the work of the Ministry of Agriculture is not satisfying for the opposition. Today MPs will talk about the remarks. Discussion of the issue will be held in Martvili, where the meeting of the Agrarian Committee will be held