19 July 2019,   10:50
There are many remarks which are not of the state department but of the opposition spectrum - Mikheil Janelidze on account of State Department

The US Department of State"s report reflects the progress achieved in Georgia - the statement was made by the Georgian Foreign Minister.

According to Mikheil Janelidze, the United States has long been a strategic partner of Georgia and the Georgian side is going to take into account all the remarks which the State Department talks about.

"We pay great attention and attach great importance to their vision. As for the mentioned remarks - we will take note of the remarks, but there are many remarks which are not the assessment of the State Department, but the assessment of the opposition spectrum, "- said Janel Janelidze.

In the report of the US State Department together with other issues, Rustavi 2"s case, problems of independence of media pluralism and judiciary in Georgia are reflected.