22 March 2019,   23:30
The aim of the Velvet Revolution is fulfilled - Nikola Pashinian is Prime Minister of Armenia

Former journalist and lawmaker, 42-year-old Nikola Paschiani, is already the Prime Minister of Armenia. After a few weeks of protest rallies, the author of the Velvet Revolution today was approved by the majority of votes.

Together with the supporters Pashinian confronted the government of the Republican Party when after the 10-year presidency, Serzh Sarkisyan did not fulfill the promise given to the people and decided to become Prime Minister.

In Armenia, the movement of public disobedience began, led by Nikol Pasciani himself. Protest marches were held all over the country .

The government tried to have dialogue with the opposition. After that, the scale of the ralles increased. The opposition leader announced the start of a velvet revolution in the country.

On April 16, police and protesters confronted each other in the streets of Yerevan. The government compromised with the People"s Movement and agreed to consider the candidacy presented by the opposition in the parliament. However, the ruling party did not support Nikol Pasciani.

From May 2, the general strike started in Armenia. The protesters blocked the main highways and the airport. At the end of the day, the government left for the concession and vowed to support the opposition candidate in the Parliament in a repeated ballot.

The Republican Party has fulfilled the promise. Today, the legislative body approved Nikola Paschinian as the Prime minister of Armenia.

The aim of the Velvet Revolution is achieved. The 20-year rule of the Republican Party in Armenia has ended.