19 September 2019,   22:00
After two-day noisy rallies, civil sector will meet with the Minister of Internal Affairs

From Rustaveli Avenue to negotiation table-movement "White Noise" and other NGOs are meeting with the Interior Minister today. Negotiations with Giorgi Gakharia will start at exactly 10:00.

Participants of the rally will come to the meeting with the requests - however, there are already issues that the head of the law enforcement agency plans to negotiate.

"It is important that he apologized to the people gathered here, this message should be for the political team, that this is the right answer, we have received two very important promises: one is that the special operation on May 12 events will be studied in detail and allpersons who violated human rights will be held responsible , The most important thing is that specific steps will be taken in connection with the drug policy, "- said the" White noise " representative Beka Tsikarishvili.

Giorgi Gakharia is going to discuss with the organizers of the rally the details of the special operation held in Tbilisi clubs on Friday. They will also discuss reforms in the drug policy.

The mayor of the capital was accompanied the Minister of Internal Affairs at Rustaveli Avenue. Kakha Kaladze talked about the importance of solving problems.