21 August 2019,   05:58
Special group will examine special operation of May 12 - Results of meeting with Minister of Internal Affairs

The meeting of civil sector and the Interior Minister has ended with an agreement. It was decided that two groups will be formed - one group will examine the possible facts on the night of the special operation and the possible violations by the law enforcers and judicially evaluate them, while the second group will discuss drug policy in the country.

Members of the non-governmental organization say that the members of the group are not identified at this stage.

According to Beka Tsikarishvili, the Minister has satisfied the demand of " White Noise", that the public movement shall determine the format.

Beka Tsikarishvili responds to the statement of Davit Subeliani and notes that the members of the organization took a decision in a hurry and tense situation, because of which it was impossible to have timely communication with everyone.

According to Tsikarishvili, they are not going to compromise and yesterday"s decision was a necessary compromise.

Tomorrow will be discussed on May 12th day. According to Tsikarishvili, fight against sellers is legitimate.