21 August 2019,   09:58
When the Ministry of Internal Affairs has a confirmed suspicion of drug dealing, no one can limit its zone of action, - Giorgi Gakharia

"We have unanimously agreed that drug traffickers and drug trafficking are our problems. When the Ministry of Internal Affairs has substantiated and confirmed a suspicion of drug trafficking, no one can limit zones of Interior Ministry"s actions," said the Interior Minister after the meeting with the NGOs.

Giorgi Gakharia clarifies the reason, why the riot police were forced to enter clubs.

According to the minister, the Ministry had 20 control purchases that were carried out on the territory of the clubs.

"Of course, we are ready to discuss all the issues and question marks that exist. I have promised the guests to discuss in detail with them, whether there were facts of using excessive force. No such facts have been confirmed by the Ombudsman"s office, "the minister said.