08 December 2019,   17:00
Not a few amendments were carried out in terms of liberalization of drug policy - Sozar Subari

The Minister of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Resettlement and Refugees responds to the debate on liberalization of drug policy.

Sozar Subari draws attention to the critical statements concerning the repressive drug policy in the country.

The minister says that drug policy in the country has been changed since 2012.

"When we talk about repressive drug policy, we should say that certain changes have been made in this regard since 2012, and not a few changes in terms of liberalization, but we understand very well that this is not enough," said Sozar Subari.

Sozar Subari responds to the special operation held in nightclubs on May 12 and the rallies held in front of the parliament building and states that freedom of expression is protected in the country.