17 September 2019,   13:24
"We are going to the memorial, we"ll have a sevice to clean the pace from all the dirt that was going on there" -"Georgian March" is preparing for the march

Members of the so-called "Georgian Mars" are gathering at the Philarmonic Hall. The rally participants plan to march before the parliament building. Participants of the rally say that for them are unacceptable the demands of the rally "For our Freedom!" They also say that they did not like the protest
expressed by dancing and the girl who danced on April 9 memorial.

"Every one of us is insulted with the insult which they had inflicted on the memorial of the victims on April 9. We want to demonstrate to everyone that the majority of the population does not share the position that took place on Rustaveli Avenue for several days. We will never resist the protest of young people but the question is what forces come out. It was politically motivated, " - Sandro Bregadze said.

Giorgi Gabedava, chairman of the NGO "Young National Alliance of Georgia" states that today"s march is directed against drug propaganda. According to him, they will held a service at Memorial of April 9 to purify the place.

"We are going to the memorial to light candles. The priests will hold a sevice to clean the place from all the dirt,and then we will go somewhere in the temple, "Giorgi Gabedava said.