08 April 2020,   05:32
Father Kakhaber talks about sending a representative of the Russian Patriarchate to Georgia

Representatives of Georgian Patriarchate respond to sending a Russian Patriarchate"s representative to Georgia. According to them, Vladimir Aleksandrov will carry out church services for the Russian-speaking parish in Georgia, but he will be obliged to protect the positions of the Russian Patriarchate as well.

Kakhaber Gogotishvili, the head of the Georgian Church in Moscow rules out political reasons.

 "This is not the first time. I remember that a representative of Georgia Church arrives to Russia for Georgian parish while the Russian representative travels to Tbilisi for the Russian parish. They just like complication and aggravate the situation, "said Father Kakhaber.

According to the assessment of the clergy, sending a clerical person from Georgia to Moscow and from Russia to Tbilisi is a kind of tradition.

"Do not dramatize such issues. It has been a tradition for years, "- said Father, Michael Botkoveli.