26 June 2019,   16:57
Karasin will say that common sense has won in Georgia - Grigol Vashadze responds to President"s statement

"We, ordinary citizens need to understand that electing the Rector of GIPA as a president by someone"s recommendation will end with this result,"- Grigol Vashadze responds to the President"s statement on a rational dialogue with Russia.

According to Vashadze, if Margvelashvili"s statement is not linked to the work on this issue in the backstages and this statement is related to his personal initiative, it will be much profitable for the Kremlin. Grigol Vashadze thinks that in this case, the Russian authorities will use Margvelashvili"s statement to prove that the Georgian government recognizes the "new reality" in the Caucasus.

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Karasin will make a statement and say that common sense wins in Georgia and finally, this country admits that it is time to recognize the new reality that was created in the South Caucasus. It is good for the Kremlin, "Grigol Vashadze said.