19 April 2019,   05:18
Patrol Police Mobilized at "Equality Movement"office - Several Participants Left Meeting in Protest

At this moment the patrol police is mobilized at the office of the "Equality Movement". Law enforcers were probably called due to confrontation. According to the current information, there is a sharp argument between the sides.

In parallel, several participants left the meeting, including Ana Subeliani, but none of them said why they left the meeting and whether it will be held tomorrow.

As for the meeting, the third sector discusses the rally dedicated to the Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia on May 17 in the "Equality Movement" office.

The parties should decide whether the action will be held tomorrow at the government administration. The position is divided. One part considers that the security of tomorrow rally is under question and members of the so-called Marsh and neonacist organizations may undertake an attack. The second part considers that despite the possible threat, the rally must be held.

The issue of holding the rally was questioned after the meeting held at the MIA yesterday.