19 April 2019,   05:22
So called case of jackets- lawyer challenges the judge

The trial on the so called case of jackets continues in the City Court. Attorney Beka Basilia raised the motion on the recusal of the judge Badri Kochlamazashvili. As the attorney states, the judge has helped the witness to answer the questions. The judge did not satisfy the motion of the defense.

The Prosecutor states that the motions of the defense and the prosecution may be often unsatisfied, although this does not mean that the judge"s objectivity is questionable.

Chief Auditor Nodar Vekua will be questioned today who has studied all the documents based on which the former President of Georgia and the former head of the State Security Service were charged for embezzlement.

The defense says that the witness of the prosecution perceives as pressure all the questions that the lawyers are asking.