17 January 2019,   20:30
34 locations where drugs were kept found i clubs - owners summoned for questioning

Café "Galeri" founder is expected to be questioned. The case concerns special operation in night clubs on May 12th. The guard of the "Galeri" was arrested by the police on charges of drug dealing during the special operation on May 12.

In addition, it is known that "Basiani" founder and other staff members of the club will be summoned for questioning .

As the head of the criminal police told "Courier", the search was conducted in the club "Basiani" and "Galeri" and 34 locations, from which various suspicious substances were seized were found .

The owners of the clubs say that the whole story was invented by the police for their discrediting. However, they did not exclude the club guests who had come to enjoy the night at the time when they saw police got rid of drugs and pills. They also do not rule out that law enforcement officers have left drugs themselves in clubs.

It is not yet clear when the night clubs will be opened. "Basiani" and "Galeri" are already sealed. The prosecutor"s office says that the process may last for 3 weeks for the full investigation