26 June 2019,   16:53
Tatunashvili"s incident seriously damaged the relationship we had sorted out - "Alliance of Patriots"

Another member of the Alliance of Patriots, Giorgi Lomia, left for negotiations in the occupant country. Representatives of the parliamentary faction will start meetings in Russia today. This is the third visit of the Patriots Alliance in Moscow, where the delegation plans to meet with members of the Russian Duma again. The team members of Irma Inashvili plan to talk with the occupant state about the murder of Archil Tatunashvili and the situation on the occupied territories.

"Tatunashvili"s incident seriously damaged the relations we had settled after the two meetings." I had a brief discussion on this issue and started to investigate whether or not someone was responsible from the Ossetian side and now we will officially talk about these issues and we will probably get answers " - says George Lomaia.