23 August 2019,   16:09
"We are ready to answer all questions" - Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs

The Minister of Internal Affairs is ready to answer all question, including the questions related to the May 12 special operation - the Deputy Minister said.

According to the law enforcers, the special operation was lawful, but whether there were violations on behalf of the law enforcers, Nino Javakhadze does not speak about it.

Giorgi Gakharia himself said several days ago that the violation on behalf of law enforcers did not have place in the clubs and the processes developed outside the clubs will be studied.

"We are all ready not only to minister, but the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to answer all the questions that exist. There will be talks about the events of Friday and the reforms that are being implemented or will be implemented in the nearest future.

The Minister of Internal Affairs will come to Parliament today at 15:00.