14 October 2019,   11:04
Fascist symbolism - State Security warns members of "National Unity of Georgia"

The questioning of the members of the "National Unity of Georgia" continues in the Police Department. Giorgi Chelidze, one of the leaders of the Neo-nazi group, answered questions of investigators.

According to the member of the Fascist movement, questions were related to the organization"s activities.

"As in the previous case, there was a threat of group violence from our organization. There were additional questions in this regard, to which I gave comprehensive answers. There were also questions regarding the activities of the organization, "- Giorgi Chelidze, head of the National Unity of Georgia said.

The State Security Service sends a warning letter to the fascist organization. The document states that if the representatives of national unity use fascist symbols, they will take measures under the Freedom Charter Act.

Giorgi Chelidze"s lawyer demands apology from the authors of the statement.