21 May 2019,   17:51
"Investigation has not fully revealed the perpetrators of the murder of late Saralidze" - public Defender will examine the investigation materials

The Public Defender will study the case materials of the case of the pupils killed in Khorava Street. Nino Lomjaria said about it. She says that the Public Defender"s Office will request investigative materials and study it thoroughly.

According to the Public Defender, today"s decision of the court confirms the suspicion regarding the investigation.

"The verdict confirmed the suspicions that the investigation did not fully reveal the perpetrators of the murder of Saralidze," said Nino Lomjaria and noted that although Zaza Sarlidze repeatedly questioned the investigation, the investigation was not launched on his questions.

The Public Defender has questions about the investigation of the crime and the facts of obligation on not revealing information. Nino Lomjaria is interested in finding out whether the list of persons accused in this article is complete.

The Public Defender urges the Prosecutor"s Office to immediately launch an investigation against other persons.