19 May 2019,   21:34
I will meet Shotadze together with journalists and all parents who lost children and who did not find justice - Saralidze

Zaza Saralidze agrees to meet with the chief prosecutor, but he demands a public meeting. Saralidze says that he will meet Shotadze together with all the parents who lost their children and who can not find justice.

In addition, Sarlidze demands meeting with the presence of journalists.

"I"m no longer going to sit at a closed session. Six months they were spitting in my soul.
I ask all the people to fight on the ground. Today the system has hit me, but I will fight until it is destroyed, "said Saralidze.

He demands immediate responsibility of all the prosecutors of the case and Irakli Shotadze .

According to him, it is absurd to involve foreign specialists in investigation or create a parliamentary investigative commission.