21 August 2019,   20:59
Temporary Investigation Commission on Khorava Street murder case to be approved today - "National Movement" does not join commission

The murder case on Khorava Street The temporary investigative commission must be approved by the lawmakers at the extraordinary session of the parliamentary. Sergi Kapanadze will lead the 17-member commission and most of them are opposition representatives. The commission is going to investigate concrete evidence and interrogate senior officials in the coming days - among them will be Irakli Shotadze and Mirza Subeliani. The National Movement refused to join the commission.

"It will be effective because everyone in the commission is motivated to evaluate the events and I"m very hopeful that there will be no populism, some of our colleagues have this habit," says Gia Volski.

The future chairman of the investigative commission, member of "European Georgia" Sergi Kapanadze clarified that the commission will summon all the persons involved in the investigation into Khorava Street.

"Our main task is to determine what happened in the prosecutor"s office," said Sergi Kapanadze.

The National Movement refused to join the Commission.