20 August 2019,   01:46
"The so-called organized viral attack, or trolling was fixed" - Prime Minister"s administration denies the use of fake accounts

Viral attack was carried out on Prime Minister"s "facebook" - this is the explanation of the Department of Communications of the Administration of Government regarding the fact that Giorgi Kvirikashvili"s statement received likes from the fake accounts.

It is about the social action "Make fun of PM" that followed the statement of criticism of NGOs by Kvirikashvili.

The Users approved the statement with "Haha Reaction" Shortly after the statement received likes from fake accounts on behalf of foreign nationals and surnames.

As for the comments written on the statement, they removed by the administrator of the "facebook" page of the Prime Minister.

Keti Rukhadze, the employee of the Department of Communication of the Government Administration, explained that they had removed only offensive comments.

"This was the so-called organized viral attack, ie trolling, which specific groups or Facebook users are applying for expressing protest. Reaction to the post resulted in critical comments and unethical comments. The mail administration had appropriate adequate response and only unethical comments were deleted from the page, "Keti Rukhadze said.