08 April 2020,   06:50
When a member of the parliament is treated like this, I do not think anyone should feel protected - Dimitry Shashkin

"The authorities have demonstrated their strength in order to intimidate the society and I do not think that the Georgian society will be afraid of this," said the founder of the NGO "Reformers Club" Dimitri Shashkin.

Dimitri Shashkin responded to the arrests in front of the Parliament and noted that the society will not be afraid of it and their protests will continue.

Law enforcers detained representatives of opposition parties in front of parliament, including MP Nika Melia and member of Sakrebulo Irakli Nadiradze.

Law enforcers are in the territory adjacent to the parliament. At this time, the Department of Special Tasks of MIA is mobilized in the Parliament House.

The protest rally was announced to be held at 18:00.