19 August 2019,   19:23
Extraordinary parliamentary elections - Roman Kakulia does not see possibility of radically changing existing political spectrum

Roman Kakulia, a member of the parliamentary majority, responds to the resignation of the prime minister and the government. As for nomination of the former Finance Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze for the post of Prime Minister, Kakulia does not exclude this decision by the majority.

Kakulia says that he agrees with Bakhtadze"s initiatives concerning the particular segment, but Kakulia says that if Bakhtadze is to be nominated as PM candidate, he should present a long-term plan.

"I always supported his recent initiatives because he was always concentrated on the segment with which most of the problems of the society are associated. How correct and in depth were these decisions we will in the future, but the fact that this person had a desire makes me want to support him.Let"s see what will be his long-term , "-said Kakulia.

As for the extraordinary parliamentary elections, Kakulia says he does not see the possibility of radically changing the existing political spectrum.