27 June 2019,   01:12
Occupation of Georgian territories threatens not only the country but also the peaceful and democratic development of Europe - Rebecca Harms

The European Parliament is preparing to discuss 20-point resolution on Georgia which will be voted for today.

The European Parliamentarians, who work on the resolution have two messages - first, Georgia is part of Europe and is an important partner of the EU The second message is for the Russian Federation, by which the European Parliament says that Russia should fulfill all international obligations.

MEPs say that Europe did not adequately assess the 2008 war, after which the war in Ukraine happened .

The European Parliament member Rebecca Harms explains that the term "frozen conflict" is no longer relevant because the whole world knows that the Russian Federation has occupied Georgian territories.

"There is a terrible term so called" frozen conflicts, "everyone should know that the use of the word frozen is incorrect in this context. Occupation is the main instrument for destabilizing in the hands of Russia, one of the scenarios of the war in Donbas, Crimea"s annexation, occupation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia and Transdnistria. Therefore, the European Parliament should be more serious about this issue, as for the resolution, it shows the strongest position of the European Parliament to wards occupied Georgian territories. It creates threats not only to the country but also to the peaceful and democratic development of Europe, "- said Rebecca Harms.

According to another member of the European Parliament, Petras Asterevicus, politicians" correct political assessment of history is of great importance to avoid wrong actions against different states