25 April 2019,   11:04
European Parliament adopts resolution supporting Georgia

The European Parliament has adopted the resolution on Georgia with a majority of votes. The document was prepared in connection with the August war and the tenth anniversary of occupation of the Georgian territories by Russia.

From now on, the European Parliament has a resolution called "Occupied Territories of Georgia 10 years after the Russian invasion."

The resolution includes 20 paragraphs. A separate chapter is dedicated to the murders of Otkhozoria-Tatunashvili-Basharuli and the issue of imposing sanctions.

The document states that Russia must fulfill all international obligations, including a 2008 ceasefire agreement.

"The resolution is comprehensive and describes the situation in a short and detailed way, and at the same time assesses the decision of the leaders of my region, Central and Eastern Europe, headed by Lech Kaczynski who went to Georgia in the days of war to stop the Russian army from moving to Tbilisi. What happened 10 years ago is a lesson and a warning signal to the international community that we must stand next to Georgia, "said the European Parliament member of the European Conservatives and Reformers faction Ana Elizabeth Fotyga.

According to Elmar Brok, MP of the European Parliament, aggression from Russia continues.

Georgian Ambassador Natalia Sabanadze and MP Dimitri Tskitishvili also attended the vote. According to them, the resolution is one more reminder that Russia is an occupant and Georgian territories are occupied.