26 May 2020,   00:06
Secretary of State - new post in executive power

The Georgian Dream"s team is expected to introduce the post of Secretary of State, and the ruling party"s MPs state that this position will not be an exact analog of US Secretary of State.

As it is known, "Georgian Dream" wants to have several state secretaries in the executive power. Additional details are not specified at this stage.

"There were some opinions and remarks expressed as regards the ministries, as well as the institution, as to the institution of the Secretary of State, which can be adopted in new European democratic countries. The Secretary of State is a reform of the next stage. There may be several state ministers in various directions, "- Zviad Kvachantiradze said.

Consultations on the structural changes of the government have started in the Georgian Dream"s office at this moment. The meeting is attended by Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze, Ministers and members of the parliamentary majority.

The main goal of internal consultations is to solve staff and structural issues. The Prime Minister will consult the MPs regarding the future structure of the government. At this stage the information is not yet confirmed that 11 out of 14 ministries will remain.