20 June 2019,   20:20
Iago Khvichia was elected as chairman of "Girchy"

Iago Khvichia was elected as the chairman of the Girchy. Voting and the party"s current congress was in an informal environment. The nominated candidates were supported by applause.

According to the new chairman, the plans of the Girchy are not changing.

"The future plans of Girchy do not change because of the change of the chairman, this is just a formal part, "said Iago Khvichia.

Members of the Audit Commission and the Political Council were also elected at the congress today.

"The party needs a political council, which is also a formal structure and at least four members should be present in the political council : Zurab Japaridze, Vakho Megrelishvili, Iago Khvichia and Marita Ratiani. I do not think I should turn into Shalva Natelashvili or someone like that I will not be party chairman any longer. This issue has been solved, "- said Zurab Japaridze.