17 October 2019,   15:50
Structural changes - there will be new faces in the government

Prime Minister will preside over the government structural changes at the government meeting tomorrow.

The representatives of "Georgian Dream" talked about the new composition of Bakhtadze"s team for the first time since last consultations.Names are not yet mentioned, but they confirm that there will be new faces in the cabinet.

"We came to a concrete decision and these decisions will be reflected in the legislative initiatives that will be presented the next week. After these amendments, the Prime Minister will name the candidates of the Ministers` Cabinet. The only thing I can confirm is that there will be renovation, " - Mamuka Mdinaradze said.

As for the structural changes, according to the current information, 11 ministries - the Ministry of Education, Sport and Culture will be formed as a merged unit, The Ministry of Corrections will unite with the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of IDPs will join the Health Care Ministry. The opposition says that governmental movements can not solve the existing problems in the country.

The National Movement does not see any sense in the reshuffle of the government. However, the party leaders say that if the ministers who are not accepted by the society are changed , this means that the ruling team has admitted made mistakes.