26 March 2019,   11:05
2.62 GEL - price of petrol and diesel reaches its historic maximum

The price of fuel reached the historic maximum in Georgia. In recent days the price of gasoline has increased to record price. The price of fuel at this time is as follows: Super 2. 62 GEL , Premium 2. 52, he price of Regular, which drivers use the most frequently, is at gasoline stations at average - 2.42 GEL. The price of diesel is 2. 50 GEL.

Due to the increased fuel prices, people are forced not to drive or sell cars. The number of cars in the petrol stations has decreased. The increase in gasoline prices is reflected on the cost of other products. Since the distribution companies jave topay now more for the delivery of products, they are forced to increase prices for food and other products.