22 September 2019,   06:37
Murder of teenagers - "European Georgia" demands prosecution of Mikheil Kalandia

The sitting of the Parliamentary Commission on the murder case that took place in Khorava Street in Tbilisi will be resumed at 15:00 today. A detective-investigator and a case prosecutor will be heard.

Following a lengthy meeting yesterday, the chairman of the commission said that the new circumstances were about the possible criminal prosecution against Mikheil Kalandia.

In addition Kapanadze said that representatives of law enforcement agencies were aware that one more teenager was wounded during the conflict, but this fact was not investigated. Today Sergi Kapanadze will raise the issue at the meeting to make recommendations to the law enforcement agencies.

The attitude of the Georgian Dream members is different. Mamuka Mdinaradze says that "European Georgia", which represents the majority of the commission, makes hasty decisions.