14 October 2019,   11:07
Wounded in breast area singer Irakli Nozadze is on artifical respiration

The health condition of singer Irakli Nozadze is still grave. Immediate operation was carried out yesterday night. He his wounded in breast area.

According to the doctor, Nozadze"s condition is stable, but heavy. The doctor suggests that Nozadze will be taken to the Chamber from the intensive care department by the end of the day.

Wounded singer"s family members are in the hospital. According to Davit Nozadze, he does not know who wounded his brother. As he says ,he does not know anything about the woman identified by the law enforcers .

"We do not have any version. These name and surname is not known for family members or his friends,"- said David Nozadze.

Reportedly two women were involved in the attempted murder.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs does not disclose information about the incident.