19 October 2019,   22:36
Zaza Saralidze Requests Detention of Zviad Pkhakadze and Kakha Siradze

Zaza Saralidze, father of Davit Saralidze, who was killed on Khorava Street in Tbilisi, speaks about the interogation of rge prosecutor and the investigator of the case within the investigative commission established on the murder of teenagers.

According to Saralidze, yesterday"s hearing confirmed that representatives of the Prosecutor"s Office and the MIA were hiding details of the murder case. Because of this, Saralidze demands detention of Zviad Pkhakadze and Kakha Siradze.

As for the meeting with the Minister of Internal Affairs and Minister of Justice, Saralidze says thathe will meet with Tsulukiani and Gakharia in case if they remain in office.

Zaza Saralidze made statement in Pankisi.