07 December 2019,   23:24
"I wish the Russian politicians were on the list" - the opposition speaks about the expansion of Otkhozoria - Tatunashvili list

The parliamentary minority wishes to have Russian politicians in the list of Otkhozoria-Tatunashvili. In "European Georgia" claims that despite this wish, the list should be realistic so that the friendly states are able to impose restrictions on individuals, who are there.

"This list should have a real effect. It should create problems for those people, who are in this list,"- said Giorgi Tugushi.


" Uniuted National Movement" states that the Otkhozoria- Tatunashvili list is more a political-moral document, where the main sanction is refusal on visas.

"These people will not be able to enter Europe or other countries if they recognize these iist. Therefore, it is possible to expand the list and add those people who did not commit the offense directly, but iused ndirect forms, "said Roman Gotsiridze.

There are 33 individuals in the Otozori-Tatunashvili list . These are individuals, who have committed crimes against the citizens of Georgia on the occupied territories since 1991 .