26 March 2019,   11:07
Despite the high temperatures, entrants will have to pass exams without air conditioning - explanation of Miminoshvili

The entrants are facing especially hot summers days. Despite the promise and summer heat ,at the decision of the United National Examinations Center air conditioning will be on only at the Examination Center in Rustavi.

Director of National Examinations Center Maia Miminoshvili explains that due to the unbearable heat and lack of conditioning system, exam centers were located in the suburbs of the capital city, because the suburbs are much greener.

According to Miminoshvili, the air conditioning will start this year from Rustavi school.

"As for the system of conditioning, you probably know that this was the personal initiative of the minister, to install the conditioning system in all the exam centers, but in the pilot mode it started from Rustavi examination center, because Rustavi examination center is the hottest," said Miminoshvili.

The Prime Minister rebuked the National Examination Center today.

"This situation is very bad, I will evaluate it and today we will talk about this issue at the government session, how can this be resolved in the shortest possible time, but of course it was an issue that could have been better planned," the Prime Minister said.