19 February 2020,   13:37
Georgian side does not assess detention of Georgian border guards as kidnapping at this stage

Georgian border guards are freed from three-day detention The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia does not qualify their detention as kidnapping.

An unmanned aerial vehicle was seen in Lagodekhi before release of Koba Macharashvili ad Giorgi Kereselidze. Remains unknown, to whom belongs the UAV . The Ministries of Internal Affairs and Defense deny that the device belongs to them.

Koba Macharashvili and Giorgi Kereselidze were taken as hostages by Russian soldiers when they were working to open a temporary summer checkpoints were on the Dagestan section of the Georgian-Russian border.

The head of the Border Police does not assess the incident as kidnapping of Georgian Border Guards and reiterates the version of the Russian side. Moscow claims that Georgian police has violated the border between Georgia and Russia, which led to their detention.