20 July 2019,   16:25
Last meeting of the Security Council held during Margvelashvili"s presidency was unusually short

The last meeting of the Security Council held during the presidency of Giorgi Margvelashvili - the meeting, which was attended by the Prime Minister, Defense Minister and the Minister of Internal Affairs, was held in the Administration of the President and turned out to be unusually short.

As previously announced, the number of military forces was discussed.

After the meeting only the Secretary of Security Council made the explanation.

"We discussed the constitutional obligation of the Security Council. It was the determination of the number of armed forces. This decision is made, the number of forces remains unchanged. We discussed the ongoing reforms in the armed forces, including education in the direction of reserve system development. The Minister also presented a long-term view on procurement and also talked about the total defense concept and the possibility of increasing national rivalry. Hopefully, the last Security Council is a meeting, hopefully nothing will happen that will force you to be invited to the Security Council session, "said the head of the National Security Council Secretary David Rakviashvili.