24 April 2019,   11:05
"Punish those people who have their hands in blood," - Malkhaz Machalikashvili

Zaza Sarlidze felt bad at the rally in front of the parliament. He was taken to the hospital by the emergency brigade. This was preceded by confrontation with law enforcers. The conflict on Rustaveli started after the patrol police did not let the rally participants block the road and put up the tents stand in front of the parliament building. The action continued after Sarlidze was transferred to hospital and was underway for the whole night.

"Those people should be punished who have their hands in the blood," Malkhaz Machalikashvili said.

Eliso Kiladze also came to the rally, who said that the protest will continue and will take a bigger scale.

NGOs also expressed their solidarity at the demonstration. Tamta Mikeladze, the director of the Civic-Political Rights Program of the Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center, says that Saralidze"s condition has proved the government"s indifferent attitude towards this problem.

One of the leaders, Giorgi Vashadze, also came to the demonstration. He noted that the government that acts like that will not retain power for a long time.