25 June 2019,   20:57
Electing Zurabichvili as president is harmful to Georgian state interests - Bakradze

" I hope that the Georgian society will not allow electing such person, who reiterates the Russian propaganda - the presidential candidate of "European Georgia" Davit Bakradze has commented on Salome Zurabichvili"s statement, who once again accused Georgia of launching the 2008 Russia-Georgia war.

According to Davit Bakradze, all the statement of Salome Zurabishvili indicates that his election as president is a threat to the state interests.

"Shelling civilians, ethnic cleansing and expulsion of people is a proven crime committed on the territory of Georgia by Russia, therefore blaming Georgia and reiterating Russian propaganda once again confirms that electing this woman is a threat for Georgian statehood,"- said Davit Bakradze.