20 July 2019,   16:21
"Sadly, most of Russia"s population has forgotten about the war with Georgia" - former Russian P.M.

"Sadly, most of Russia"s population has forgotten about the war with Georgia. It turned out that the two regions of the country are actually annexed. They believe that it was just a conflict and no one rememberes what Putin did, "- said Mikheil Kasyanov, chairman of the party" Parnas "in an interview with Rustavi 2.

Former prime minister of Russia spoke about the August war of 2018. According to Mikheil Kasyanov, those who do not receive information from propaganda channels know what problems Vladimir Putin created in Georgia.

"For those people who are interested in politics and do not just propagandist channels, they understand everything and know what problems Putin has created with his aggression in Georgia. In my opinion, Putin"s purpose was to show the world that the fate of other nations could not be solved without him. The choice made by Georgian, Ukrainian and Moldovan people about Euro-Atlantic integration was not good without consultation with Putin and he decided to force the West to recognize that he is the main player in this case. This is Putin"s Soviet Syndrome. We all know that the war had been prepared for months. People see all this. We know that more tanks were mobilized than in the Battle of Kursk, during World War II. I think the West made a global mistake. Georgia could not prevent it from happening, but there was a plan of settlement, not one condition of which has been fulfilled by the Russian authorities yet, "- Mikheil Kasyanov said.