21 August 2019,   05:56
Process of dismissal of employees on GPB has been suspended

The process of dismissal of employees on GPB has been suspended. The decision was made at today"s Board of Trustees. The meeting was attended by the general director of the channel and the head of the broadcaster trade union.

It was decided that a new labor document will be developed, based on which the dismissal of employees will be carried out.

"I am very satisfied with today"s meeting. It was the Board of Trustees, it was management and trade union representatives. We came to the conclusion that since we have already requested the Ministry of Labor and Health to involve the mediator, it means the involvement of the state in regulation of the processes. At this moment the process of dismissal of employees is suspended until mediation is over and until we agree on the general system to form a labor policy document, "said journalist Nino Zautashvili, chair of the Georgian Public Broadcasting Trade Union.