21 September 2019,   09:53
Chumateleti population protests against construction of a new road

The Chumateleti population protests against the construction of a new road. The locals say that rehabilitation of the road leading to Kharagauli creates problems for them. Some of them loose part of the yards, and for some the house entrance is completely blocked.

According to the population, the new road is so close to the settlement that it will be part of their houses or yards. As a result, the houses will become unusable and Chumateleti as a resort zone will lose this function. The locals blame the government for inattention and demand compensations.

Another problem that a new road will create for locals is that they will not be able to take cattle to pastures. The only way to go pasture is to pass through their houses.

Department of roads of the Ministry of Infrastructure responded to the claims of the Chumateleti residents.The head of the Environment and Social Affairs Department says that all the applications of the locals are known and they will respond accordingly to all the specific cases.

The inhabitants of Chumateleti are demanding to provide them with complete information. In case their complaints are not satisfied, they are planning protests.