26 May 2019,   22:18
"Figures of church of this level interfere with what is not their business" - Zurabishvili to prohibit interfernce of clergy in politics in case of becoming president

Salome Zurabichvili, a presidential candidate supported by the ruling party, responded to the criticism of clerics at one of the TV stations.

The presidential candidate says that the church must not interfere with the election campaign. Zurabishvili calls the statements made by the clergy offensive and says that in case of her victory she will not allow the church to interfere with the election campaign.

"I do not understand how the Church can participate in this election campaign, and by the way, as the President as a responsible chancellor between the Church and State, I will have a very strong protest because it is a violation of all the agreements that exist between the Orthodox Church and the state, "- said Salome Zurabishvili.

Salome Zurabishvili"s own scandalous statements were criticized by Patriarch"s bishop Jakob, Chkondidi Metropolitan Petre, Archbishop Grigol and Archbishop Melkesidek.