27 June 2019,   09:05
Fighting and Physical Confrontation in Kutaisi City Council - "Georgian Dream" MP Attacks UNM MP

Attack on the opposition MP. Member of the Kutaisi Sakrebulo from "National Movement" was attacked by "Georgian Dream" MP Imeda Satinadze . The quarrel started at the Sakrebulo Sitting Hall and continued in the corridor. Other MPs of the majority of Sakrebulo were involved in the fight.

One of the main participants of the confrontation, the opposition member, argues that the ruling party has abused him for the status on Salome Zurabishvili in the social network .
"It was an attempt of the Georgian Dream to silence me, which concerns my facebook status and activity at the Sakrebulo sessions , "Giorgi Ukleba said.

The chairman of the faction "United National Movement" of Kutaisi Sakrebulo speaks about the incident. According to Giga Shushania, "Georgian Dream" has already gone to open violence.