16 June 2019,   17:47
MP Dimitri Samkhararze manages a campaign against Grigol Vashadze - UNM asks Interagency Commission and CEC to react

Dimitri Samkharadze, the MP and the regional secretary of the "Georgian Dream" images black PR against United National Movement" - says Giorgi Botkoveli, member of the political council of UNM.
According to him, Dimitri Samkharadze directs mayors and municipal officials to campaign against the United National Movement"s presidential candidate in the social network.
According to Botkoveli, this is a violation of the law and therefore the party intends to address the Interagency Commission and and the CEC.

" This is misuse of administrative resources and violation of the law due to which specific individuals should be held responsible.
Orders come from Ivanishvili to Samkhararze and he spreads them.
I would like to warn the government, it will not help you," - Giorgi Botkoveli said.