19 April 2019,   07:14
2.5 million will be saved by the transfer of the parliament in Tbilisi ... The salary of MPs will be retained - the head of the parliamentary administration

he political decision has been made - Tbilisi is determined to be the seat of parliament from January, 2019.

It is already known that from January 1, 2019, 50 locals who have been employed in the legislative body since 2012 remain unemployed.

The head of the parliamentary administration brings the reasons for the transfer of the Parliament. Givi Mikanadze says that 2 million 500 000 GEL will be saved from the budget.

"For the Parliament to operate here during the sessions and this building is maintained in functional mode, it costs about 2.5 million GEL a year," Mikanadze says.

As for the question, whether the MPs will retain 600 GEL added after the parliament was transferred to Kutaisi, Mikanadze says that the MPs have a fixed salary.

"Salary is defined by the budget and you know that this salary does not include a supplement or any other amounts other than what is the total payroll.

I can only talk about one thing, the MPs have a fixed salary, there is no supplement linked to their stay in Kutaisi, "said Givi Mikanadze, the head of the Georgian Parliamentary Staff.