26 May 2019,   22:19
Parliament to continue functioning in Tbilisi from January - arguments of ruling team are unacceptable for the opposition

Parliament will continue functioning in Tbilisi from January. The decision was made by the MPs yesterday.

Members of the ruling party say that the functioning of Parliament in Tbilisi will be much more effective than it is in Kutaisi. Members of the parliamentary majority say that the funds were spent due to the existence of parliament in Kutaisi.

First Deputy Chairperson of the Parliament of Georgia, Tamar Chugoshvili, member of the faction Georgian Dream, notes that working in two buildings of Parliament creates institutional problems.
The ruling team"s arguments are unacceptable for the opposition.

According to them, the heavy economic background in the country, including in Kutaisi and the transfer of the parliament to Tbilisi will make the economic conditions of the population in Kutaisi even more unbearable .

Giorgi Kandelaki, Secretary of the European Georgia Parliamentary Faction, states that the functioning of Parliament in Kutaisi was not unreasonable.
77 Supporters and 1 against - With this result the vote of the Rules of Procedure Committee adopted regulation, according to which Parliament will not exist in Kutaisi anymore.