26 May 2020,   00:38
" The word Dream has been staken away from people... Georgian citizens do not want to hear this word" -Gigol Vashadze holds meetings in Adjara

The United Opposition"s presidential candidate is holding meetings in Adjara. 

He was in Batumi with other leaders of the union. The locals object to massive production of marijuana in the country, attack on free business and media and unemployment.

"Everything was taken away from the Georgian citizen. Jobs have been taken away. The perspectives are taken away, normal health care is taken away. Infrastructural projects are taken away. Kutaisi was deprived of the parliament. Batumi was deprived of the university. The Georgian people have been deprived of the word "dream" because Georgian citizens do not want to hear this word, "Grigol Vashadze said.

Mikheil Saakashvili"s wife attended the presidential candidate"s meeting with the voters.

"Grigol will be the fifth president of Georgia, number 5 and Nina Ananiashvili will be the fifth first lady, this pair is very decent, patriotic and educated and will have the support of the entire population and it is a huge force and can be very powerful and prepare the country for big changes, "Sandra Roelofs said.