24 June 2019,   16:32
"I"ll be the queen ..." - Salome Zurabishvili

"I"ll be the queen ..." - Salome Zurabishvili

I am not a Queen of Cannabis, I will be Queen of Information Campaign - Salome Zurabichvili made a statement after the meeting in Ureki.

The presidential candidate supported by "Georgian Dream" speaks about discrimination and says that she was called " a queen of cannabis" when she aims to promote the anti-drug campaign for young people.

Salome Zurabichvili continues to criticize journalists and says that the TV stations cover the protests against her instead of her statements.

"I spoke about my position regarding drugs - This is discreditation. I am not a queen of cannabis. I will be a queen of the information campaign, which will be held in this country for young people to see how dangerous it is for their health, "said Salome Zurabichvili.