16 June 2019,   17:47
Prosecutor"s Office got Interested in "Palitra Media`s" Activities - Target of Investigative Office Presumably is Dimitri Kumsishvili

Prosecutor"s Office has already removed financial documentation from Palitra Media.

It is not clear for one of the largest printing houses in the country why the law enforcers are interested in their activities, but they do not exclude the possibility that the launching of investigation is linked to former vice-prime minister Dimitri Kumsishvili.

The print shop is owned by Palitra Media Holding and this holding is owned by family members of Kumsishvili"s wife Natalia Tevdorashvili.

According to the Chief Prosecutor"s Office, the investigators entered the Colorpack printing house in Istanbul after the criminal prosecution started to study the purpose of spending budget funds from Georgia.

Investigation establishes whether the senior officials of the government used official positions to steal large amounts of state funds.

We would like to remind you that Courier prepared a report based on the iFact journalistic investigation. Then investigative journalists found that while Dimitri Kumsishvili worked as a minister of economics, he gave the loan from the project "Produce in Georgia" to his wife"s relatives.

Following the journalistic investigation, the newspaper denied the charges of the Colorpack Directorate and said that the credit was obtained from "Produce in Georgia" as a result of the competition and Dimitri Kumsishvili was not their lobbyist