26 June 2019,   10:59
Opposition links interest of investigation in "Colorpak" to Kumsishvili`s dismissal and interests of Iavnishvili

Politicians call on Palitra Media to cooperate with the investigation. In the majority, they say they do not have information about their lin to the former Minister of Economy.

The opposition links interest of investigation in "Colorpak" to Kumsishvili`s past corrupt activities and assesses the investigation as revenge launched by Bidzina Ivanishvili against Kumsishvili.

"It"s already known to be Ivanishvili"s style when a man is next to him and serves him and his television and newspaper and other media are acceptable and when he has problems, he does not like his television and other information." Gia Baramidze.

Otar Kakhidze from the "European Georgia."claims that Kumsishvili"s departure and appearance of the investigative agency in "Palitra Media"are suspiciously interlinked .