19 September 2019,   21:55
Another attack of Kremlinon Georgia - Moscow claims that biological weapons are produced in the laboratory of Lugar in Tbilisi

The Russian Defense Ministry hopes that Georgia and the US will explain why chemical and biological weapons ammunition are kept in "Lugar laboratory" – Igor Kirilov, Commander of the Radiological, Chemical and Biological Defence Troops of the Russian Federation, said at a special briefing on Thursday.

According to him, the specialists of the department have studied the materials published by former Minister of Security of Georgia Igor Giorgadze about the US work in the Richard Lugar Public Health Research Center and "various types of ammunition needed for provision of chemical and biological formulators are noted in a number of patents".
“There is a logical question - why such documents are kept at the Richard Lugar Public Health Research Center? We hope that the Georgian and American sides will give us a clear answer, "said Kirilov.
The new Russian war against Georgia was the main theme of the Russian media today. Russian journalists and Russian military officials claim that the spread of dangerous infectious diseases in Russia from Tbilisi is planned and the US plans to carry out bio-attack from Georgia against Russia.

Documents from Georgia were first handed by Bulgarian journalist Gatransjiev, who published a number of articles in which he wrote that biological weapons are being manufactured in Georgia.

Davit Sergeenko"s office did not make any explanations today, but last week the minister said in an interview with Courier that his agency became a victim of cyber attack.

In an interview with Rustavi 2, director of the Lugar Laboratory said that what Moscow says is a myth.